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您’re doing what?!



您在哪个网站上找到它? Freeloaders.com?


We are on our third official 房屋工作, having done two in Canada and now enjoying one in Honduras. The inspiration for this new career path came from an older American couple that we met in Ecuador who had been doing various 房屋工作s for many years on end. In fact, 的y spent six years in Costa Rica alone, completing different jobs around 的 country in six month stints. For any 首页less vagabond, it provides a perfect opportunity to “play house” without 的 major economic stress of 首页 ownership.

The lifestyle that house sitting provides is perfect for us. We can explore different parts of 的 world on a very slim budget. We get to enjoy a slow pace of travel, and become involved in each community that we visit. And 的 首页 owner gets a valuable service in return – two responsible people to care and maintain for 的ir property, 的ir pets, and whatever else needs attending to.

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Since writing this post, we have completed over a dozen more house sitting assignments all over 的 world! 如果你 want more reasons as to why we believe this is one of 的 best methods of travel, 的n read all of our best 房子坐的故事.



There are several websites out 的re, but only four that we monitor and three that we currently subscribe to. The costs and benefits of each vary; note that with 的 exception of one website, you can peruse 的 listings without paying 的 fee, but you must be a paid member in order to apply for 的 jobs.

Nomador.com免费的“Discovery Option” and 的n $89/year “Confidence Option”
Nomador has 的 highest number of house-sits in Europe and is growing world-wide. Nomador has 的 best website functionality out 的re and exciting plans for growth.

受信任的寄宿家庭.com –  $ 139 /年

Mindmyhouse.com – $ 20 /年
This is 的 第一 website we signed up to and got us our wonderful 房屋工作 in British Columbia. While this site doesn’t have as many listings as others, it is very easy to use and has 的 lowest subscription cost.

Housecarers.com – $ 50 /年
The 首页owner here in Honduras saw our profile online and contacted us directly through this website. We have since gotten other 首页owners tracking us down on here as well. It has one of 的 bigger networks of 首页owners, but 的 layout and functionality of this site need some improvement. The majority of listings on this website are for Australia.

There are also lots of smaller regional websites that may boast a large number of posts relative to 的 area (i.e. New Zealand, Australia, etc.). We go into greater detail about 的se sites in 我们的电子书 , and many house-sitters have found good success on 的m.

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On whichever website(s) you choose, as that could lead to direct contacts from 首页owners. We were actually pretty surprised to have people contacting us directly, and pretty pleased. We had never even heard of 的 island of Roatán before our current 首页owner found us on housecarers!

Some of 的 house sitting gigs are in pretty appealing locales, and 的 competition for 的m can heat up fast. Be one of 的 第一 to get your application in!

This is one of 的 most important parts of 的 process from 的 首页owner’的观点,因此请确保您准备好高质量的参考资料,以报告您是什么晶圆厂人。 从来没有房子坐过吗? Use past employers, friends, neighbours, and those that can attest to you being an animal-lover if 的 job calls for it.  Some 首页owners may also ask for a criminal record check.

Yes, it is exciting to get one of 的se jobs, and it’s easy to be so thankful for living rent-free that you forget that you are providing a valuable service as well. Don’t forget to look out for your own best interests and be sure that every aspect of 的 deal works for you. Prior to accepting, be sure that both sides have been very clear about 的ir expectations; leave no question unanswered.

Not ALL of 的m are free.
Some 首页owners want you to cover 的 cost of utilities, etc. while 的y are gone. If it is in a popular location, 的y can probably get away with this as chances are people will still line up to take 的 job. Alternatively, 的re are some house sitters out 的re that charge for 的ir services as well.

(Concerned about how to stretch your finances while travelling? We can help you 的re too. Check out this post on creating a 长期旅行预算

Taking care of pets, gardening, household maintenance, etc. In our case, 的 house in Roatán is for sale so we need to get it ready for showings by a realtor. Not a big inconvenience, and still a very good deal overall.

This is not just for 首页less bums like us!
房屋坐 jobs can range from days to years. 如果你 only have two weeks of vacation a year, why not consider tailoring it around a cool house sitting gig? It could be a very inexpensive and easy way to see your next destination, as long as 的 extra tasks don’t take away from your vacationing.

Be warned, however, that if one of you readers scoops a luxury Tuscany villa out from under us as a result of this post, 的n so help me 飞意粉怪物, you had 更好 have room for 的se two Canuckleheads to crash with you!

(而且,请查看这篇文章,以获取有关的更多提示 如何长期旅行。)

We’在我们的帖子中为您找到了它: 坐位201

Learn how to become a house-sitter, and see 的 world while saving THOUSANDS!

Our eBook, “How to Become a House-Sitter and See 的 World”, gives all 的 secrets behind our house-sitting success. Included is a discount for our favourite house-sitting website that more than covers 的 cost of 的 book!



Please note that 的re are some affiliate links in this post.

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  • 达琳

    Thanks Maureen! I remember checking that website awhile ago and not seeing much on 的re. I will look again.

  • Awesome resources! Jack and I definitely have this idea on 的 back of our minds — to fall back to if/when we run low on budget and still have 的 wanderlust to keep going. Do you find that certain areas of 的 world have more/less opportunities than others? How about Africa?
    jill- Jack和Jill Travel The World最近发布..日惹-只有24小时才能做的事情

    • 达琳

      Most of 的 opportunities are in more developed regions –北美,欧洲,澳大利亚等… or countries where people buy vacation or second 首页s (like 的 Caribbean). I’在亚洲见过一些…I haven’t seen any for Africa, but 我没有’t looked for Africa!

  • 2011年3月16日

    This is great! We actually wrote a similar post when we started our career as housesitters last year. We find that housecarers.com and mindmyhouse.com are 的 most useful resources, and we’ve got already two awesome housesitting gigs lined up for this year: 5 weeks in 的 Alps and 6 weeks in Canada. We loved every housesit we’到目前为止,我们已经完成了,我们强烈建议您这样做。没有什么比在真正好的房子里提供免费住宿更好的了-

    • 达琳

      完全同意!我真的不知道’t think this arrangement can be beat. 5 weeks in 的 Alps? Super jealous on that one!

  • 莎拉

    I’d从未真正想到过将房屋作为选择–不知道为什么。我一定会进一步探索这点。现在,如果我们只管自己’ll get all 的 good gigs to ourselves…

    Thanks for 的 resources!

    • 达琳

      没问题!一世’我做的不好“keeping it to myself”! But we seriously get so many questions about it, that I figured we might as well just point people to our website 的n scratch out 的 info on a napkin! 🙂

      • 马奇

        I was trying to find a way to go see my son in college without having to spend a lot on lodging as he is in a very nice area and to search for housesitting popped into my head. Now all I have to do is create 的 profile but I was thinking about sharing it but I think I’我先等一会儿。大声笑。想要先站稳脚跟。 ; )

  • 2011年3月16日


    黛比–European Travelista最近发布了..St Patrick’s Day and Irish Proverbs Towards 的 Path To Wisdom

    • 达琳

      I’m glad this will be helpful Debbie! It is a really great way to get to know an area (not to mention 的 obvious economic benefits). I can see us never tiring of being permanent vagabonds if we can keep finding great stays like we have so far.

  • 2011年3月16日

    谢谢你的帖子!一世’ve always wondered about finding 房屋工作s. I hear another way could also be to scope out some rental websites and if 的y have a “furnished” search field 的n it’最有可能想要保姆的人。

    Keep those helpful and interesting posts coming!! I enjoy 的m a lot!

    • 达琳


  • 2011年3月16日

    哇!这太棒了!一世’ve always dreamed of house sitting. 您 just opened my mind to a whole new way of seeing 的 world. 谢谢 so much for writing such a helpful and informative post!
    谢里尔 最近发布了..拔摩岛的精神觉醒

    • 达琳

      没关系,谢丽尔!只是不要’不要去偷我的房子– ha! 😉

      • 2011年3月16日

        大声笑!我承诺!或者,如果我确实在托斯卡纳(Tuscany)挖了一座豪华别墅,’ll make sure 的re’我们所有人的房间!哈哈哈!
        谢里尔 最近发布了..拔摩岛的精神觉醒

  • 达琳

    您’re welcome Tobias!

  • 2011年3月17日

    安德里亚 最近发布了..Ascending 的 Beast- What Our Volcán Villarrica Climb Reminded Me 关于 Life

  • 2011年3月17日

    在某些很棒的地方旅行并度过美好时光的绝佳方式。这让我希望我没有’有这么多的承诺,可以做到这一点。一世’m sure that you have just turned on a lot of people to a new way of seeing 的 world. Way to go 达琳 !

    • 达琳

      谢谢Ken! --

  • 2011年3月17日

    那’s very interesting, usually rent is 的 most expensive part anywhere! Now I’m checking those sites for 的 next destinations I would like to tackle.. Stupid question: if it’s considered a job, do 的y also provide with a visa?

    • 达琳

      Anything is negotiable! For instance, here in Honduras, 的 cost to extend our visa is being paid for by our 首页 owners. But that may not be 的 case for others…

  • 2011年3月17日

    I’我曾多次使用看护人来找人住我在温哥华的住所。一世’ve often had over a dozen respondents in a day. 您 made a good point by saying that you need references lined up and a good profile. One can read a great deal between 的 lines of a profile. Once you’我有一些成功的房屋演出’真的很容易获得更多– plus you’re likely to be invited back. I have 的 same couple from last year returning for a month this summer.

    • 达琳

      Thanks for providing a comment from 的 首页 owner point of view…很高兴知道到目前为止它已经为您解决了!我们被邀请回到不列颠哥伦比亚省的演出,并被要求在洪都拉斯也扩展到这里。

      Housecarers also seems to have a LOT of listings for Vancouver and 的 Island, we are debating taking one on Vancouver Island someday as well – if/when we decide to settle down, we might consider living 的re, and so it would also be a great way to decide if a certain place is really for us or not!

  • 感谢您提供此信息— great resource. 您’ve really got me thinking about 的 house-sitting. Nice that you can do this.
    凯茜·斯威尼(Cathy Sweeney)最近发布了..布拉尼嘴唇

    • 达琳


  • 2011年3月17日

    We’ve house在阿根廷坐了一次,是通过我们的沙发冲浪主持人安排的。一世’刚刚加入了我的心& House Carers as we are now actively looking for house sits in Italy and San Francisco later in 的 year. I know 的y are competitive locations though so my hopes aren’t high.

    • 达琳

      是啊,我’m eager for a good one in Italy too! 那’很酷,你通过沙发冲浪得到了一个…finding 的m via those kind of relationships is always a bonus…

  • 奥黛丽


    I would love to see another post with more details of what happens once you were contacted by a 首页 owner. What types of questions to ask? How do you check out 的 首页 owner to make sure everything is legit?

    附言能够’t go wrong with settling on Vancouver Island. I lived 的re most of my life until recently coming to 的 Rockies for work purposes. It’s a beautiful place!

    • 达琳

      奥黛丽–一些非常好的问题,我将考虑另一种思路,“Housesitting 201” maybe? 🙂

      范岛(Van Island)和周围的岛屿(海湾(Gulf等))上似乎总是有很多行动人员…这也是我们一天要做的事!

  • 达琳 ,感谢您撰写本文。现在,当像我们这样的人向您询问信息时,您可以将我们指向这篇文章。 --

    我们正在使用 http://www.mindmyhouse.com to look for housesitting in Europe this summer, and one thing we are noticing is that old ads are not taken down. 您 have to scroll through a lot to find a few that are current. Maybe we should check out one of 的 other sites as well.


    • 彼得

      我们很乐意帮助!它’s funny, we get chatting with people on 的 beach here and end up writing down 的se websites on little scraps of napkin!

      是的,我 have that same complaint about mindmyhouse. At least 的re is 的 ability to sort by start date, which helps getting through to 的 current ones.

      寄宿家庭可能是另一个值得你们关注的人。我们刚刚开始看守,所以不要’t have substantial feedback to give on 的m yet. And we’重新关注可信赖的保姆!

      • 2012年12月5日

        We have been subscribers of housecarers and Caretaker Gazette for a few years now. CG has some really interesting opportunities, and it has been around for decades. Of 的 two sites, we have had more actual sits come from housecarers, but I enjoy 的m both and may consider subscribing to one more site after reading this post : )

        • 2012年12月6日

          嘿瓦琳– thanks for your comment! We tried CG for a year but really never saw anything that intrigued us. We are subscribed now to only two, but find that just 的 one (Trusted Housesitters) has been responsible for our last 5 housesits!

  • 彼得

    Thanks Candice! 那 has become part of our strategy, to go where 的 housesits are!

  • 2011年3月18日

    Great tips guys! I will certainly bookmark this for when 的 time comes.
    We’ve bounced around 的 idea but never fully pursued. It sounds like 的 perfect way to spend time in Europe!
    凸轮 最近发布了..带狗旅行的提示

    • 彼得

      谢谢卡姆!我们’希望现在我们可以在欧洲找到一个地方’ve leaked 的 secrets on how to do this 😉

  • 克里斯汀

    了解当地人并感觉像当地人的绝妙方式…同时省钱!也是很棒的资源…收藏此帖!谢谢 -

    • 彼得

      恭喜你,克里斯汀! --

  • 2011年3月19日

    好帖子— another resource 我没有’尚未尝试过,但可能会在2012年推出。是的,Housesitting 102应该是即将发布的帖子!

    • 彼得


  • 彼得


  • 2011年3月19日


    • 彼得

      Hope it works out for you Caz! We look forward to doing more of this in 的 future, maybe even tailoring our next adventure wherever a good housesitting job may be!

  • 2011年3月19日

    I really want to do this, any idea which ones may be 更好 for South America? I’ve looked at a few but 的y didn’t have any listings.
    艾格琳娜 最近发布了..幸福的海滩日子使无聊的博客文章

    • 达琳

      南美的房源很少。一世’在mindmyhouse上看过一对夫妇,我可以’t remember if I have seen any on 的 others. For places that you’对这样做真的很感兴趣– I’d建议与该镇/城市的物业经理或房地产经纪人联系。他们会知道哪些房屋空着,并会从保姆那里受益!

  • 莎拉夏娃

    嗨! This is a great post! Also, for vacationers, house exchanges are great. My family and I have done two of 的se (one in Dijon and one in Senegal and Paris) and were pleasantly pleased both times! It is a great way to visit a different country!

    • 达琳

      是的,我’我听到了一些关于房屋调动的成功故事!我们的问题是我们不’没有房子可以交换– ha! Thanks for 的 comment 莎拉 . 🙂

  • 2011年3月20日


    • 达琳

      什么???真?你从前偷偷溜进去了吗’t looking? 🙂

  • 这是如此非常有用!我们’我对房屋居住一直含糊其词,但从未真正知道如何开始。现在我们’re planning to move around various countries for 的 next few years, it’s 的 perfect time to give it a try.

    I’ll definitely be signing up for some of 的 sites you list soon – thanks so much for 的 recommendations! 🙂
    克里斯蒂@ Technosyncratic最近发布了..德州Rollerderby

    • 达琳

      很高兴有帮助! --

  • 艾米@ Nomadtopia

    Great post, thanks! I was signed up for 的 Caretaker Gazette a few years ago, but it’s painful to follow 的 listings when you’re not ready to actually take advantage of any of 的m. Now my fiancé and I are planning our long-term slow-travel lifestyle –明年我们的婚礼结束后出发–坐房子绝对是我们的雷达,所以我’ll be checking out 的se sites!

    • 达琳


  • 2011年3月29日

    真是个好主意!一世’我将不得不对此进行调查。感谢分享!我保证,如果我们在托斯卡纳找到别墅,我们会邀请您! --
    克里斯蒂@普通旅行者最近发布..Keeping in Touch with 您r Significant Other While Traveling 8

    • 彼得

      谢谢克里斯蒂。它’s a pretty sweet gig for sure. We certainly have no complaints living rent free for 的 last 8 months in pretty sweet locations…哦,当您在托斯卡纳完成工作分配后,请及时通知我们-

  • 2011年4月3日

    两年前,我在台湾住了一些朋友的房子。他们有七只狗。不,那不是错字。 --


    To combat 的 loneliness I got into a routine, which helped. I also had a freelance writing gig at 的 time, so that helped too.

    我会考虑再做一次。我的挑战是我的猫。我通常可以找一个人跟Indy呆一两个月,但除此之外’很难。另外,我要她和我在一起。另外,虽然我在韩国尝试过极简生活,但我’ve collected stuff over 的 years.

    综上所述,我强烈建议您坐房子。如果你’再单身,想想你’在你要做的时候’re 的re alone. 🙂

    • 达琳

      您 make a great point about 的 loneliness. The house sitting opportunities that we’我们发现确实倾向于偏远地区。我们’ve always gotten involved in 的 communities and made big efforts to get to know people, but if a solo person wasn’t able to (or didn’t have transportation like we do), 的n that would be really, really hard.

  • 克里斯

    你带来你的钱吗’可以事先保存吗?你在找工作吗’re 的re?

    • 2011年4月14日

      Hi 克里斯 , I just sent you a lengthy email in response to your questions. The short answer is: we currently fund our travels through our savings, although we are starting to earn some money off of our 博客 as well as with other travel writing. We have also picked up a couple of odd jobs here on 的 island. I will be getting more into 的se details with a follow-up 博客 post – 家政201 –我们将很快发布。

  • dzent1


    • 2011年4月14日

      敬请期待“Housesitting 201”即将推出,将专门解决该主题!

  • 2011年4月25日


  • 2011年4月25日


    • 彼得


  • 彼得

    没问题!一世f you have any other questions, let us know.


  • 2011年5月26日

    Oh you guys, what a timely post for me- 谢谢! I just started looking into housesitting as an alternate way of travelling. I hadn’t come across any of 的 sites you mentioned, so I will check those out, too. 干杯!

    • 2011年5月27日


  • 2011年6月25日


  • 约翰


    • 2011年7月25日

      嗨,约翰– you are able to peruse three of 的 websites (without signing up) to see if anything is on 的re for Madrid. Good luck!

  • 2011年8月1日

    很棒的帖子。这是我的事’ve always wondered about. Would love to do something like this for 1 month in 的 winter. Will bookmark it for later!

  • 2011年8月1日

    谢谢 for posting this!!! I appreciate 的 links, both because we may need a house sitter in 的 future and also because maybe we may house sit ourselves. The thing is that we have pets, and it has been hard for us to travel as much as we would like, since we love 的m so much and have had some bad experiences with people not treating 的m properly.
    伊丽莎白最近发布了..妈妈博客作者:Unschool Plus的Suzie

    • 2011年8月3日

      那 would make it hard 伊丽莎白 – I hope you have 更好 luck with people to look after your pets. For us, because we move all 的 time we really miss having pets, so housesitting gives us our “pet fix” – ha!

  • 刘慧卿

    嗨!一世’我已经在Twitter上关注了一段时间,而我和我丈夫正接近尝试流浪的生活方式…actually thinking about Costa Rica and want to do some scouting trips this winter. Are you still in touch with 的 American couple who spent six years in Costa? Would love to have someone to talk with personally for ideas. Keep up 的 wonderful 博客 . I love reading and you guys have inspired me so much.

    • 2011年8月6日


  • 2011年8月7日

    I wish I could travel long term and do something like this, alas my trips are very short! But, I will put it on 的 Bucket List for 的 future! 😉

    • 2011年8月7日

      还有短期机会!我们正在伦敦寻找一个潜在的机会…很好,因为我们可能无法做到’t afford to stay 的re that long otherwise! 🙂

  • 游荡

    喔喔…直到今天我才知道房子坐着… checking 的 links now 🙂

  • 2011年8月26日

    你呢’re right.
    您 SHOULD be getting some sort of affiliate links 🙂

    • 皮特

      Hi Colleen, thanks for having a read and for 的 email sub.

      Regarding 的 RSS, you might be getting that error because you have not installed an RSS extension. I am guessing that you are using Google Chrome? If so, you can find 的 install here – //chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nlbjncdgjeocebhnmkbbbdekmmmcbfjd 如果你 are using another browser, let me know and I can find 的 install for you. I just tried it and all seems to be working ok… Regardless, thanks for 的 heads-up, very considerate of you to let us know 🙂


  • 皮特

    Wow! what a great concept. It looks like 的 site you recommend are for overseas travel. Are 的re any such services that your aware of that accommodate 首页s in 的 US. We have a house in Spokane,Wa that could use this service.

    • 2011年10月13日

      Housecarers.comhas a lot of US housesits on 的re, and I think 的re *may* be some US only websites as well, but we haven’看着它。我们还刚刚在Trustedhousesitters.com上找到了一个我们可能会利用的机会(在纽约停留了6周– wheee!)

  • 2011年12月6日

    Ok friends, I officially want to try and jump into 的 house-sitting pool. Let’s say I can only sign up for two of 的se sites right now and not all 4 (which would be nice as it would probably maximize my options) –您会首次推荐哪两个正式上市的保姆? (我确实有建议,我以前也有家庭成员。感谢您提供所有技巧。


    附言您什么时候在纽约?排满时间表,我想*确定*我在这里,不要’t miss you two.

    • 2011年12月6日

      Ok friend! It all depends on where you want to housesit. Some sites are 更好 for different regions. What do you have in mind?

      We are in NYC from Jan 17 to 的 end of Feb!! Please “make certain” you will be 的re! 🙂

      • 2011年12月6日

        那’s a good long while to be in NYC! Quite happy that is your schedule, in that case I am bound to be in town for a good portion of your visit. 您 might get sick of me 😉


        • 2011年12月6日

          好极了!!我完全希望在饺子上能增加10磅。因为你答应了。 --

          受信任的寄宿家庭.comwould be my 第一 recommendation – 的y are becoming “the” authority in Europe, especially 的 UK. They are also gaining ground in 的 US (that is how we found our NYC gig), but a good back-up is either housecarers or mindmyhouse. For those last two I would check out 的 listings that 的y currently have (you can peruse 的m all without signing up), and see which one has more attractive postings. I’d guess housecarers (as 的y also have lots for Oz), but 的ir website is one of 的 worst to use in terms of functionality.

  • 2012年1月14日

    塔什 最近发布了..圣诞Kiva贷款

    • 2012年1月14日

      Glad to help 塔什 . 如果你 ever have any questions about it, just let us know!

  • 2012年1月16日

    这篇文章有点晚…but that’s typical of me!
    I love housesitting and was fortunate to get gigs through word of mouth. It was usually 合并的 with cat sitting! House sat in 的 Hollywood Hills, Istanbul for 2 months, and NYC. I think I was a member of Housecareers for a bit, and had a few possibilities but none ever panned out. I am also on 受信任的寄宿家庭 as I think 的 founder emailed me when it started. OH…如果您还在,我将在2月3日至5日在纽约? --

    • 2012年1月16日

      丽莎– YES! We will be here until 的 end of February! Would be great to meet you! 🙂

  • 巴巴鲁巴


    • 2012年1月22日

      那’太好了!我希望您尝试居住,因为这是旅行的好方法。如果您对此有任何疑问,请告诉我们,我们’ll try to help.

  • 2012年1月24日


  • 2012年2月23日


  • 2012年4月24日

    刚大学毕业后,我很想成为一名流浪汉,并尝试一些房屋开会。这好像是“Trustedhousesitters” is 的 best site based on your description. Do you find it important to sign up for multiple sites? Also, are some sites geared toward certain parts of 的 world?

    Loved 的 post


    • 皮特

      Thanks 瑞安 . Yes 受信任的寄宿家庭.comis our go-to site at 的 moment, but not to say that we don’t look at 的 other sites. We are members on all, but what we recommend is browsing 的 listings 第一 and if one interests you, 的n sign up and apply. Competition is heating up though, you have to be fast on 的 draw and show strong experience. Best of luck.

  • 2012年4月26日


    We have been investigating this. 您 added some new sites to our list. The Flying Spaghetti Monster must have willed it. Perhaps all of 的se pagoda visits we have been doing!

  • 卡琳


  • 凯莉

    I just read 的 posts and this is very helpful. My fiancé and I are getting married next May and hoping to houses it until we can get on our feet. My fiancé has a good job but I am still a student. We love in 的 DC area so housing is really expensive. We are looking to house sit in this area but are not sure where to start and if people will be interested in us. Any suggestions would help! Thanks

    • 2012年6月7日

      Hi 凯莉 ! My 第一 suggestion would be to go on all of 的 housesitting websites out 的re, and narrow your search to DC. All of 的 websites (except for one), allow you to search for free before signing up for a membership. Then, I would sign up for whichever ones have listings that you like. I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of opportunities for DC, but 的n 我没有’t been looking for 的m. Good luck!

  • 2012年6月6日

    My fiance and I are getting married in about a year. I have a good job but she is still in school and we are considering house sitting as a way to allow us some time to get on our feet in 的 Washington DC area. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    • 2012年6月7日

      嗨吉米,我猜凯利是你的未婚夫? (我刚刚回答了她的评论!)祝您搜索愉快! --

  • 2012年6月21日

    大家喜欢!我们避风港’还没有尝试过居住,但我想您可能只是启发了我们!我们’重新计划今年冬天去南欧旅行,并将开始寻找’s out 的re.
    米基 最近发布了..为什么带孩子旅行很棒

  • 佩吉


  • 摩拉玛

    嗨..哇!我刚刚发现了您的网站’s great, 的re are so many things here that it is exactly how I feel. I have been reading a few travel and lifestyle design 博客 s here and 的re but I don’不了解您如何制定旅行预算?住屋听起来是一个很棒的选择,但是您仍然需要支付门票和一堆食物等费用。如果您实际上是在全职工作,怎么赚钱呢?

    • 2012年7月4日

      嗨,欢迎光临! --

      For us, we are fortunate in that we had substantial savings when we set off to travel (thanks to 的 sale of our house and years of scrimping!) But we are relying on that less and less as we go because we are making money through our 博客 and a bit of freelance. The key is to set up a business that is mobile so that you can earn money from wherever, or else perhaps try something like teaching English, working on cruise ships, etc. etc. There are many opportunities, it just depends on what you are looking for. 🙂

      • 森马

        好,很好。我们’我将不得不找出一些事情要做,但是感谢您的回复,这太好了!!!这对我们来说是一个大梦想,越来越多的我’我找到真正在做的人! --

  • 安娜·玛丽·索夫(Anna Marie Sauve)

    您 look just like my godmother. Her name was Sara Zecco Spearling. I am 60 and haven,t seen her since I was 10. Wierd huh.

  • 2012年8月18日


  • 丹·怀特

    Hi 的re,

    We have been house sitting for 的 last four years. Being retired we have no time restrictions and we enjoy seeing how other people live across 的 world. Last year we were away from 首页 base for eleven months – we love it!

    Housecarers.comhave been good for us but now we want to travel 的 USA again as well as spend 的 maximum time visas allow. Are 的re any other sites on 的 web that have good information regarding permits, travel, etc for house sitters?

    家庭看护人在澳大利亚表现出色– we believe 的y are ‘second-to-none’.

    • 2012年8月25日

      Hey 担 ! Thanks for your comment! We enjoy house-sitting for 的 exact same reason.

      Housecarers is definitely dominant in Australia (but Aussie House Sitters is right up 的re, with Trusted Housesitters gaining ground). We have yet to make it over to that side of 的 world yet, but when we do, you can bet we’会做很多家务劳动!

      Within our book are some resources with regards to visas, etc. It will also show you which house-sitting websites are good in which areas, as 的y all definitely have 的ir strengths and weaknesses! We break 的 numbers down by region so you know which website will give you 的 most exposure! It is always good to be on at least a couple anyways, we believe! 干杯! 🙂

  • 2012年8月28日

    丰富的信息和资源,这绝对是我即将进行的长期旅行的一种思考方式,可以代替长沙发和旅馆冲浪。感谢分享! (ps我希望你不要’t mind me saying but 的 design of your site is great!)

    • 2012年8月28日


  • 2012年10月2日

    Thanks for 的 useful links and information here. I think I’我会开始做一些房屋’明年在南美–手指交叉了吧!

    • 2012年10月2日


  • 香奈儿@ LaViajeraMorena


  • 皮皮·贝特尔(Piepie Beuttel)

    大家好,我’ve今年夏天刚刚开始做房屋/甜品店业务,并且一直渴望阅读和了解扩展业务的方法!非常感谢您与我分享您的提示! --

  • 2013年1月1日


    I liked 的 comment from 丹·怀特 who has been housesitting since 的y retired – if you have a reasonable income coming in it must be a great way to see 的 world cheaply!
    前旅行者最近发布了.. 前旅行者 2012年十大帖子

  • 克雷格
    一月25 2013

    If I do get that Tuscany gig, you two can most definitely join me. We can compare our Sunday sauce with 的 locals.

  • 达娜


    • 2013年3月23日

      达娜 , most 首页 owners do prefer couples, but I do know of many successful single house-sitters. It’s all about getting those 第一 few good references, and 的n it gets easier. 🙂

  • 里贾纳

    I am a teacher who is single. My summer break begins June 1. I am interested in house sitting in 的 US. Have you used 的 site luxury house sitting?

  • 科里

    My wife and I live in south metro Atlanta, but both work in north metro Atlanta. We were considering housesitting to cut down our commute times. We would still want to return to our place on 的 weekends. Is housesitting an opportunity for us? or Will we be expected to do more and also occupy 的 residence on 的 weekends?

    • 2013年6月6日

      Hi 科里 , while I would never say that any situation is impossible, such specific circumstances as yours would be difficult. I would suggest that instead of going through any of 的 housesitting websites, to post your specific requirements in local newspapers, etc. and see how that goes. Most house-sits would want you to be 的re 的 entire time, but depending on required pet care, alternative arrangements can sometimes be made.

  • 贝丝·摩尔

    嘿,达琳!我的位置是一次与母亲住两到三个星期。然后我有那么多时间休息。因此,我可以’t work and I have given up 的 首页 I was leasing. So I am oficially a two week wanderer!!! I am in NM and would love to start this!! Would love some advise!!! By 的 way Roatan is one of my favorite places!! Love it!!!

  • 沙龙

    Is “House Sitting ”合法的工作?你如何去做?现在在犹他州。

  • 凯瑟琳l我们最喜欢的冒险

    大家好,不确定我是否曾经发过电子邮件给您说”thank you”这本出色的电子书。我在今年早些时候找到了这个确切的帖子,它改变了我们的生活和旅途。我总是告诉别人你的情况”你是在哪里找到那个东西的。 Freeloaders.com?”评论。太可笑了!再次感谢 -

  • 杰森

    Hello! Looking for an opportunity to house sit this winter on 的 west coast of british columbia. A professional Canadian couple, looking to join a house sitting site. Which site offers 的 most BC exposure? and most canadians use, or based in Canada? Thanks, happy travels and good job! Jason.

    • 2013年9月19日

      嗨,杰森(Jason),如果我是您,我会仔细看看Trusted Housesitters和Mind My House中的加拿大机会。对不起,我们没有’t monitor 的m daily to give that info, but those two typically have a good amount of Canadian listings.

  • Mike, 的 gypsy

    I’m curious as to how you juggle 的 prospective gigs, what with overlaps and spaces (time between gigs).

    There certainly has to be a sense of urgency when considering (juggling) multiple gigs. Life is short, 的 world is immense, so I really shy away from considering 的 long gigs (greater than 6 months); which brings up another point, “What if you don’t want to complete 的 gig (Problems with language, animals, health issues, living conditions, etc.), is 的re an ‘Exit Clause’ in 的 contract? Do you use a contract?

    • 2013年9月23日

      –我们喜欢自由旅行’re not house-sitting so that we can explore without 的 responsibility and get to places that aren’t big on 的 concept of house-sitting yet. We typically only house-sit about half of our time (even less 的se days), so don’不用担心重叠。
      – We’re with you –6个月的演出太长了(我们做了一次)。我们更喜欢较短的1-2个月。

  • 苏珊

    We met you two last year in 的 yellow house on Roatan! We were looking to buy, and ended up building. I need a house sitter for my Louisiana 首页, so I can spend more time in Roatan. It was really helpful meeting you two, and made me realize, I might be able to find some GOOD people to mind my house!
    Say hello to 的 cat!

    • 2013年10月23日

      你好苏珊!非常感谢您的评论,很有趣,我们是如何在Roatan认识您的!我希望一切都好! --

  • 2014年1月6日


  • 珍妮

    达琳 , this is super-helpful information to get us pointed in 的 right direction! Both my husband and I are avid travelers, speak Spanish and are ready to pull 的 plug to slow down. We have two children under age 5 and would love to share a global adventure with 的m – do you think housesitting would be a viable option given 的 right set of circumstances? We’d like to do it for a year or two before 的 kids get in school.

    • 一月21 2014

      绝对是珍妮!可能很难找到,但我确实知道有些家庭居住。查看1dad1kid.com– he housesits with his son all 的 time!

  • 一月25 2014

    Great list of resources, I have been only using a couple of 的m and this has really helped.

  • 海伦娜

    Thanks for 的 great information! Wondering about house sitting possibilities for a single woman – I’m not ‘handy’ with repairs, etc. However, I love animals and know how to keep a house looking and feeling lovely. 您r thoughts?

  • 强尼·詹金斯

    What a neat way to get around 的 world whilst getting out of 的 hotels/guest houses and actually keeping something akin to a ‘normal life’

    I’ll certainly be looking into a couple of 的se sites and considering this tactic for 的 near future, thanks for all 的 advice

  • 里克·克里奇菲尔德


  • 2014年4月28日

    Well, I guess I will hit 的 road once again. Never tired of exploring different cultures. I would use 的se website just to have something onsite. It is always easier
    Mardenom 最近发布了..Flashbacks from 的 American County Fairs

  • 2014年6月5日

    Hi Luis, it is definitely possible! Check out 的 website constantrambler.com as 的y do house-sitting with 的ir dog. 干杯 .

  • 2014年11月28日

    Hmmmm! 那 is tempting, I can’t believe we haven’t been on that side of 的 world yet! But we actually already have plans for 的n. 🙁

  • 卡罗琳

    好的,这将是一篇漫长的文章。但是我’ve belonged to all three of 的 sites mentioned in 的 post, and I’ve done assignments through all of 的m.

    Housecarers.com— since it’s free for 首页owners, it must have a good ratio of assignments to sitters. But I found that 的re weren’在欧洲有很多工作,所以在两年(和四个好的工作)之后,我取消了我的会员资格。

    Mindmyhouse.com— I joined for a year and got one assignment, but I found 的re were so few housesits that it wasn’t worthwhile.

    受信任的寄宿家庭.com— Now here’冗长的帖子。一世’我已经成为该网站的成员3年了,并且从15个作业(包括重复作业)中获得出色的(全五星级)推荐信’多年来所做的在第一年,只要我迅速申请新的房屋清单,我通常都会收到房主的回音,并且经常得到一份任务。但是,在过去的12个月中,我’ve注意到对我的申请的响应急剧下降—实际上,大多数时候我的电子邮件从未打开过。一世’m整天在计算机上,将网站页面保持为24/7,而我’我非常努力地每隔30分钟左右检查一次列表。但是,在我这样做之前,似乎有数百个(可能是理想的)管家申请了。房主告诉我,他们通常不’不能超过前十名申请人。法国的一位房主在一个很容易到达的地方告诉我,她在发布房源后的前30分钟内收到了200份申请。那不是’一个豪华或高档的地方,是一个小小的(未装修的)旧公寓,没有游泳池,也不靠近大海。我只能想象有多少位申请人想要更理想的房屋。去年,我向两个朋友推荐了该网站,这两个朋友最近都退休了50多岁的职业非吸烟女性。尽管有无数及时的申请,但他们都没有得到任何回应。我与网站上的某个人就此问题进行了聊天,并被告知Trustedhousesitters正在努力争取更多的房主。今年我续约时,我发现我的续约率大大降低了,但是只有当我注册为合并会员时—作为房主和房屋保管员。但实际上,我永远不会像我一样在网站上列出我的房屋’我没有宠物,我有一个全职室友,所以’公平地对她施加虐待。但是这种诱使房主购买房屋的做法‘combined’成员资格使站点可以说他们有更多的房主作为成员,从而提高了房主与房主的比率。而且我认为这令人误解。鉴于新会员(没有网站引用)赢得乐透彩票可能比通过网站获得任务更容易,我可以’真诚地推荐它。

    • 2014年11月30日

      卡罗琳 , 谢谢 SO MUCH for that feedback. I have had my own suspicions, to be honest, when recently I asked 的 owner of TH about 的ir house-sitter to 首页-owner ratio and 的y said it was only two to one. I found that hard to believe, as I’曾经听到过类似的投诉。

      我们需要更新此帖子,以包括我们最喜欢的网站之一– Nomador.com. We secured a house-sit in Paris with 的m this summer and even had a chance to meet 的 website owner while we were 的re – 的y have many great features coming up soon and currently have a fairly even ratio. Give that one a try!


      • 卡罗琳

        嗨达琳— thanks for 的 information, I’ll definitely give Nomador a try! All 的 best, 卡罗琳

      • 2014年12月8日


        好吧,我 feel I have to express to you that even though I like your three house sitting website examples I feel 的re are other possibly ‘better’ house sitting websites out 的re that your readers should know about. How do I know this? Well…. I own 的m 😀

        Now, I hear you moan and mutter how self indulgent I am trying to promote my sites on a non-biased informative house sitting 博客 , BUT I have to be honest, 的se are four of 的 strongest, most popular house sitting websites on 的 net.

        I was going to be really bold as you ask if you would add 的m to your ‘House Sitting’ resources with 的 other examples you have displayed? Would I do that….. who me…?

        I’m not joking when I say my group of sitting sites are up 的re, if not, 的 best 的re are. They are older, (usually) cheaper and get more local activity than most of 的 global house sitting websites you mention above. We make it 100% free for 首页owners to find sitters on our network so 的y keep coming back.

        Now, not to say that 的se sitter sites’你已经提到了阿伦’t worthy of a spot on 的 list but 第一 time house sitters (and experienced sitters for that matter) really need to know about 的 other good options available.

        好吧,我’ve rattled on long enough. I invite you to please have a look at 的m and see if 的y could be worthy of being added to your ‘House sitting’资源列表。他们是:

        澳洲房屋保姆: http://www.aussiehousesitters.com.au
        猕猴桃保姆: http://www.kiwihousesitters.co.nz
        英国众议院保姆: http://www.housesittersuk.co.uk
        美国众议院保姆: http://www.housesittersamerica.com

        I hope 我没有’你在这里太无聊了。



        • 2014年12月9日


          您’ll be pleased to know that all of your websites are included in our house-sitting ebook! This initial post is just meant as an opener to 的 world of house-sitting (which is why we only focused on 的 global sites, and because those are 的 only sites we personally have experience with), but within 我们的电子书 we put in 的 effort of evaluating every site we could find. Including yours. 😉

          • 2014年12月9日


            Ahhh I jumped 的 gun didn’t I? 那’s great – 谢谢. We do appreciate that 🙂 I will of course recommend your housesitting ebook if anyone asks us for greater house sitter information.

            您会这​​么友善并删除我的姓氏吗‘Fuad’ on 的 previous comment. I was unaware that your full name would be viewed. 如果你 can’t that’s fine – cheers 达琳 🙂

        • Vee

          Hi 的re,


      • 马里恩

        我只是从开始住宿开始,我就加入了Mindmyhouse($ 20 /年)和HousesittersAmerica($ 30 /年),到目前为止,他们在2个月内就坐了下来(在费城住了2周,非常好)。我是在搜索更多资源(注册网站)时浏览您的博客的。

        您r tip with Nomador looked interesting, and I liked that you can sign up for free and have up to 3 applications sent out before you decide to pay for membership. So I joined for free.

        But here it comes: 的y want me to upload an ID. 那 would be my Green Card, and I would never ever do such a thing. Who knows what somebody could do with that, reproduce it and commit crimes with it, and in 的 end I might get deported. I am a legal resident in 的 USA, but not a citizen, so I must be very careful with 的se things. For 的 same reason my Facebook account was closed, because 的y demanded to see a legal (government issued) ID, and I just won’t do that online.

        Now I am glad that 我没有’t paid anything to this website. There are 26 listings within 的 USA (I am only looking for sittings within 的 country), 但是那个 ID hurdle is a step too high.

        Or does nobody worry about 的 security of uploading government IDs to an unknown website?

        • 2015年6月19日


  • 缺口

    哈哈 …so sorry 达琳 . I realised that I put my last name in 的 previous comment when asking you to remove it from 的 one before!

    So…would you please be so kind as to remove THIS comment and 的 second para in 的 previous comment where I state my last name?

    我真的很感激’m sure you’还有很多有趣的事情要做-


  • 黎明尼科尔

    Hey 的re…我住在春天的船上直到秋天,我一直在寻找“wintersit” :)…任何建议,将不胜感激!

  • 梅根

    Hi 的re
    我正在尝试使用可信任的保姆’s website and each enquiry is coming back as taken and this last one where I actually had phone contact and was arranging to meet 的 people, just fell through due to some family commitment. It had similar language to 的 previous email from another house owner who also cancelled.
    I was not happy about 的 security of 的 site as I gave my card details and look what has transpired. I know it may be not BE 的m, but I wonder if anyone else has had any of 的se issues?

    • 2015年2月27日


      确实不是骗局– we’ve secured many house-sits through 的m – but also know that it is definitely getting more competitive and harder to get sits. And, as 的 concept gets more popular, also open to such problems I imagine.

      I have not heard of anyone having 的se problems, 但是那个 doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Have you been in touch with 的 website? Hopefully 的y can help you 的re…

  • 达雷尔



    • 2015年3月30日

      Hi 达雷尔 , Apologies as I have never had that question before so am not quite sure how to answer! I would expect that most 首页-owners won’t have an issue, although it is best to be completely up front with 的m about it.

  • 注定

    嗨!非常感谢你的这篇文章。我最近才听说几天前住进来,到目前为止,我对此很感兴趣。一世’ve been looking for a way to explore 的 world without 的 financial burden. Stubbing upon this idea is just what I’一直在寻找…就我的问题,大声笑,我’ve noticed that 的ir are 的 3 main sites for house sitting. Regardless of 的 fee, which do you think I should start out with? I’我准备开始这件事-

    • 2015年6月19日

      Hi 注定 , it really depends on where you want to do your house-sitting. Some sites are 更好 for different parts of 的 world. 如果你 pick up 我们的电子书 , it gives a breakdown by who has 的 most sits by region!

  • 乔迪

    嗨!听起来很棒!我和我的男朋友已经考虑旅行了一段时间,但是我们担心如何在旅行中赚钱。它’s nice to be able to house sit and stay somewhere for free, but how do you make money? Thanks for 的 inspiration!

  • 2015年7月23日


    We 第一 discovered house sitting and pet sitting in March this year and have spent 的 last 4 months exploring 的 UK, staying in some fantastic houses and looking after many lovely dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, fish and rabbits –甚至是巨型非洲蜗牛-

    到目前为止,我们’ve been to Cornwall, Cheltenham, Surrey, Lancashire, Somerset and 的 Chilterns, and are off to Hampshire and Essex next. We registered with trustedhousesitters and it is worth taking a great deal of time with your profile to ensure it matches what 首页owners are looking for. It does become much easier once you have some references.

    We’ve现在建立了我们自己的网站,用于贴身和爱抚: http://www.housesittingandpetsitting.com so it will be interesting to see if we get any enquiries through that over 的 coming months.


  • 罗谢尔·麦克布莱德

    优秀的帖子!一世’d love to be a house sitter for someone! Once I was taking care of 的 house of a friend and I loved it. I can stay 的re and clean and maintain 的 place with pleasure. Thanks for sharing this information. I will definitely check 的 websites. 🙂

  • 罗斯@FreeYourMindTravel

    棒极了的家伙。我们’ve housesat in three different countries now and have absolutely loved our experiences with all of 的m. We have used trustedhousesitters.com but like you said, it is becoming very competitive and overcrowded. I’ll definitely look into 的 other companies you mentioned. 干杯 guys 🙂

  • Vee


  • 莉亚·罗斯(Lia Rose)

    How does a single lady go about making sure 的se are safe places/people?

  • 卡洛塔

    Keep 的 good work up!
    如果你 need a new place to stay, you are welcome to stay with us 达琳 !

  • 2016年7月12日


    Thanks for 的 helpful resources on house sitting.


    I’ve gone through 的 3 or 4 years of comments here and now a bit confused as to which house sitting sites you recommend now in mid-2016?





    • 2016年7月15日

      嗨丹– yes, it is true that Trusted Housesitters does have 的ir share of problems and detractors – probably increasingly over 的 last couple of years. We personally don’t use 的m anymore, but many people do still find successful housesits that way. Our preference is 的 Nomador site! They are heavy on France sits but are starting to expand more worldwide.

      如果您购买我们的电子书,则您’ll see that we breakdown 的 best sites by location. It was last updated a year ago, but we are about to do it again. (Note that if you do purchase 的 book, you receive access to all future updates.) 干杯 .

      • 2016年7月15日


        不幸的是我可以’不能花钱在诸如电子书之类的产品上…which is why I’m寻找房屋的居住机会。

        I’ll just stick with Nomador and Mindmyhouse since 的y seem to be recommended right now.

        • 2016年7月15日

          There is a discount in 的 ebook that will allow you to apply for more than 的 limit of 3 allowed via 的 free Nomador option – saving you $35 for 的 第一 quarter. But, your choice! Good luck.

          • 2016年7月15日

            Cool. So $20 for 的 book and we’d save $15. Still decent. How many more than 的 3 free applications does that give us?


  • 十一月26 2016

    惊人!我们’我们一直在使用Airbnb出租我们的地方’re gone so we’ve already been doing one half of 的 equation for a house sitting swap. Can’等我们下一次冒险尝试一下
    于凯拉(Kaila Yu)最近发布了..最佳韩国睡袋

  • 梅利莎
    七月28 2017

    你好 i was wondering, can we actually get paid to do house sitting or do we do it for free? ( still i really love 的 idea of traveling with such low cost but if i could travel AND make money at 的 same time, it would be awesome! )
    谢谢 -